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The candle was a gift but was told by recipient that it was lovely.

Philodendron 'Brasil' (S)
Douglas HiFi Simon
Lovely plants delivered

I decided to give one of the rooms in my place a bit of a makeover and ordered 6 indoor plants as part of this.

They were delivered as promised and are healthy plants that look lovely in the Terracotta pots I optioned in.

Very happy with the whole thing and will consider using Hello Houseplant again in the near future for other parts of my house.

Xxl plant

I received my xxl plant but it had recently been repotted into the larger size xxl pot, the soil was cery loose and rhe plant very unhappy in the following days. The soil has fallen out through the bottom. The plant really isn't happy


The beautiful little potted plant I chose from the online store arrived on the day I requested it and the birthday girl loved it.

Hey, Jam! Thank you so much for your stellar review. Have a great week ahead

Free Gift Wrapping + Gift Tag

Free Gift Wrapping + Gift Tag

Fast delivery and great service. Great quality plants too!

Bahen & Co Chocolate
Bridget Irvin

Bahen & Co Chocolate

Heart Leaf Philodendron - Cordatum (S)

Peperomia obtusifolia - Jade Peperomia (S)

Early Christmas Present

Well presented in gift box. Very prompt delivery by lovely driver to person's house.

Very satisfied!

The house plant was presented just like a bouquet of flowers, but in the form of an indoor 'plant' which is more appropriate for a male.

Moth orchid

I had this bought for me as my mother had just passed away… my friends wanted to give me a living gift .. something I look at it and remember my wonderful mother …

Marble Queen - Pothos (S)
Narelle Marriott
Very Happy!

Very happy with the service and the plants provided by Hello Houseplant

A perfect gift for my client

Communication around delivery was great, my client received her gift as planned and she loved it. I like that you offer delivery to a wide range of suburbs around Perth as I was having trouble finding a nice gift delivery service for the area where my client lives.

String of Turtles - Jade Necklace Peperomia (S)

Very happy that my plants were in great shape post was slow it took week & half to deliver I was worried but plants were good I would order from u again thanks heaps

Absolutely Beautiful

Receiving this made my day! I opted for delivery, which I was a little nervous about because I couldn't inspect the plant before purchase. Hello Houseplant did not disappoint as I found a beautiful Philodendron Pink Princess at my doorstep in perfect condition. It had way more splashes of pink and even a half-moon leaf! I've purchased from them before and will continue to do so. It's a same my local shop has closed, but now that I know about you, I will continually check your site to see what you have for delivery! They also deliver same day too! THANK YOU SO MUCH HELLO HOUSEPLANT TEAM FOR MAKING MY DAY!!

On the wonk

Great service and really pretty plant, the pot I ordered is lovely but unfortunately it’s uneven on the base and sits wonky on a flat surface

Awesome 🥰

Great service, beautiful plants and will always be a customer, even tho I live in NZ !! You guys are awesome ❤️

Would Recommend Every Time

Incredibly easy site to navigate and a decent range to choose from, coupled with reasonable delivery rates and speedy delivery times makes this a good choice for anybody wanting to increase their collection of plants.

Great lockdown delivery

I was so impressed by Hello Houseplants! I sent a plant to my best friend from another state and they were able to quickly deliver it the next day. Incredible service and lovely people. Thanks so much. Definitely recommend!

Great plant - weird ordering system

Hi there,
I ordered this plant for my friend Noelene as a gift. I do a lot of online shopping and could not work out how to make this a gift for her. I processed the order and at no time was I asked to write a card etc and then the receipt came back to me with her name on it. I sent an email to your customer service advising that she wouldnt know who it was from and was assured via email that there would be a note attached saying it was from me. There wasnt and she had no idea who it was from until I called her a few days later. Im sure plenty of people order these as gifts - but your website doesnt seem to be set up to acknowledge this. Ordering system would have to be a one star sorry....

'Snow Queen' - Pothos (Hanging Basket - M)

Great gift idea

I purchased two plants and pots for a colleague who moved onto a new company for her office as it was a little sparse. I was contacted by the staff at Hello House Plant to see if I would like them potted and in which pot before they were delivered. Excellent customer service!