Ficus lyrata

Ficus lyrata - Fiddle Leaf Fig (S)


Ficus Lyrata aka the Fiddle Leaf Fig or Banjo Fig is a broad leaf evergreen tree native to Africa. It is often grown in the tropics as an ornamental shade tree and in colder climates as a popular houseplant. It is recognisable for its large, dark green lyre-shaped leaves which resemble the shape of a fiddle or violin. The Fiddle Leaf Fig is a beautiful addition to any home and can be grown to a sizeable tree indoors with beautiful large leaves bringing lush life to any space. Note: The stems have a milky sap that can be toxic when ingested so should not be placed within reach of children or animals.


Best with bright indirect or filtered light and warm, humid conditions. In drier climates, mist and clean leaves with a moist cloth and consider a more humid spot. Allow for the top layer of soil to dry between watering and provide nutrients via liquid fertilisers to maintain lush, healthy leaves.

growth CARE LEVEL Medium
water WATER Water once top soil is dry,
keep soil well drained
sun LIGHT Indirect Light
size PLANT SIZE Grows to 2m+

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