Ficus Pumila

Ficus Pumila (S)


Native to East Asia, Ficus Pumila aka the 'Creeping Fig' is a vigorous vining variety of ficus that can trail from a hanging pot, or is self-clinging and is able to grow as a groundcover or up your walls. This evergreen plant sprouts small, heart-shaped leaves all year round that grow to around 5cm in size indoors, or 10cm when grown outside. The Creeping Fig can bear purple, pear shaped fruits when grown outdoors but these rarely bloom inside. Easy to care for, these small sweet leaves are a lovely pop of green suitable for most indoor rooms.


Best kept in a warm position close to a window with indirect light or part shade indoors. Enjoys damp, well-draining soil but can tolerate the soil drying completely in between waterings. Easy to propagate through stem cuttings, just place the plant roots down on the soil and watch it grow! Secure with a bobby pin to encourage roots to take. Provide nutrients via liquid fertilisers to maintain lush, healthy leaves.

growth CARE LEVEL Easy
water WATER Water once top soil is dry,
keep soil damp but well drained
sun LIGHT Indirect Light, Bright Light
size PLANT SIZE Grows to 3m long

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