Alocasia macrorrhizos

Alocasia macrorrhizos - 'Giant Elephant Ear' (XXL)


Alocasias are a family of hybrids originating in South East Asia, commonly known as the 'Elephant Ear'. Alocasia macrorrhizos, known as the 'Giant Elephant Ear' or 'Giant Taro', is easily identified by its huge, ruffled, heart shaped leaves and can grow to over 3m tall. Found all through South East Asia, across the Pacific Islands and into North Eastern Australia, this tropical beauty is a flowering plant and is actually edible, featuring in indigenous cuisine across the region. This lush tropical plant is an excellent statement piece in your garden or potted indoors and is a great way to bring the jungle to your home.


The Giant Elephant Ear will be happiest in part shade, planted in soil that is rich and moist or in indirect light if indoors. Keep it sheltered from strong winds if outside and keep out of direct sunlight as it will burn the leaves. Water and fertilise regularly. Reduce water intake throughout colder seasons and expect your plant to lose its leaves below 7 degrees celsius as the plant hibernates.

growth CARE LEVEL Advanced
water WATER Keep soil moist but well drained
sun LIGHT Indirect Light
size PLANT SIZE Grows to 3m+

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