Gift Pack For Them - Household


The ultimate bundle for your favourite family. Whether it be a housewarming, family milestone, or seasonal celebration these easy going plants in sleek warm-toned planters compliment each other and make a feature of any space they're placed in. This combo comes with a handpoured, Australian made candle o make the house feel like a home!

HEART LEAF PHILODENDRON - CORDATUM (S) is easy to grow and well known for its distinct heart-shaped foliage which gives it it's name. This Philo is an eager climber and the leaves will mature to 5-10 cm long and cover its long, slender stems that can grow to over a metre long when left unpinched. You can pinch back the stems at any time to help it branch out and become bushier or alternatively, you can let it grow long and lanky. This plnt does well in low light conditions, and requires minimal care and infrequent watering. 

MONSTERA DELICIOSA - FRUIT SALAD PLANT (M) is native to southern Mexico, Guatemala and Panama. Monstera deliciosa is one of the world's most popular indoor plants, desired for its enormous perforated foliage marked with distinct holes giving it the nickname the 'Swiss Cheese Plant'. A beautiful statement plant in the garden or indoors, this is a cherished beauty around the world. Easy going, the Monstera can withstand any light conditions provided theyre changed gradually, but does best in bright indirect light. Let the soil dry completey before watering!

OSLO PLANTER - TERRACOTTA (M) is a sleek, dusty orange planter with a diameter of 18cm. This pot has a drainage hole, and comes with a matching saucer. 

OSLO PLANTER - DESERT RED (S) is a deep, dusky red planter with a diameter of 15cm. This pot has a drainage hole, and comes witha matching saucer

CANDLE - EUMUNDI is lovingly blended and hand poured on Peramangk and Kaurna Country in the Adelaide Hills. Inspired by Eumundi, located on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland on Kabi Kabi and Jinibara Country, this candle features top notes of Lemon oil and Pomegranate, heart notes of Cardamom and Clary Sage, and base notes of Black Pepper and Cedarwood. 

All our plants come giftwrapped with gift tag for FREE. 

Have your plant repotted in a light washed Italian terracotta clay pot & saucer for only $9.95. For more pots & planters click here.

Add a tasty bar of traditional stone ground chocolate from Bahen & Co (Margaret River) for $9.95 or a delicious bottle of minimal intervention Rude Boy Red from Brave New Wines (Denmark WA) for $29.95

Leave a personalised message on your gift tag and a delivery date up to 3 months in the future at check out. Never miss a birthday again!


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