Gift Pack For Them - Pet


Don't let having a fur baby stop you having plant babies too! This plant will do no harm should your pet have a nibble, and is super low maintenance. The Freddy thrives in higher humidity, so does great in the bathroom. Enjoy a body scrub while you're in there!

CALATHEA FREDDY is an easy and fast growing lush tropical plant with beautiful dark green markings on bright green leaves. It is a forest floor plant from Brazil so can survive in lower light conditions making it an ideal desktop plant. Its easy growing nature alongside it being non-toxic to humans and animals (though we recommend not intentionally ingesting it!) makes it the perfect present for a busy pet parent

RAINBOW CERAMIC POT - BLUE (S) is a cute egg shaped ceramic planter featuring a blue rainbow. This pot measures at 13x11cm and has a drainage hole in the bottom to provide the best growing conditions!

BODY SCRUB - SALTY II is a sea salt body scrub that creates an endless summer vibe by packing a fresh and fruity punch. Small batch, blended by hand and made with love, this scrub is cruelty free and vegan friendly. Salts are natural detoxifiers and exfoliators for the skin. "Salty II" is a blend of sea salt and Himalayan pink salt - whether your skin is dry or oily, you can keep it bright, beautiful & youthful with this combo! The mixture of sweet almond oil and coconut oil will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. This blend boasts the fragrant oils of summer fruit; watermelon, cucumber and lime.

All our plants come giftwrapped with gift tag for FREE. 

Have your plant repotted in a light washed Italian terracotta clay pot & saucer for only $9.95. For more pots & planters click here.

Add a tasty bar of traditional stone ground chocolate from Bahen & Co (Margaret River) for $9.95 or a delicious bottle of minimal intervention Rude Boy Red from Brave New Wines (Denmark WA) for $29.95

Leave a personalised message on your gift tag and a delivery date up to 3 months in the future at check out. Never miss a birthday again!


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