Gift Pack For Occasion - Wedding or Engagement


For the big life changes & even bigger celebrations! Show your love with this luscious bundle, including a beautiful large Monstera adansonii in a sleek white pot, a bottle of red, and a collection of boutique bath and beauty products. 

MONSTERA ADANSONII - SWISS CHEESE (L) is a compact version of the classic 'Swiss Cheese' style, and a relatively new addition to the market. It's petite green heart-shaped leaves are peppered with oval holes, giving it it's common name, and it will branch out with multiple trails. Like other Monstera, it's easy to grow indoors. It will climb if provided a structure or will trail outwards if placed in a hanging basket. Given time and some light pruning, Monstera adansonii can reach an impressive fullness, with striking perforation on its leaves. This plant thrives in humid environments, so positioning the plant in a bathroom or kitchen, or giving it frequent misting, will support its growth.

JESSA EGG POT - MATTE WHITE (L) is a sleek white pot measuring at    . It features a drainage hole for optimal growing conditions and comes with a saucer to catch any pesky water droplets. 

RUDE BOY RED is our juicy house red. A stellar blend of Grenache, Shiraz, Vermentino & Tempranillo. Delicious as is or even tastier served chilled!

BODY SCRUB - SOULTEA is a sea salt body scrub that is full of so MATCHA goodness! Small batch, blended by hand and made with love, this scrub is cruelty free and vegan friendly. Salts are natural detoxifiers and exfoliators for the skin. "Soultea" is our super exfoliator with added coconut shell grounds for extra scrubiness. Blended with coconut oil and organic cold pressed hemp seed oil, Soultea softens, soothes and smooths your skin. There is so "matcha" goodness jampacked in matcha (green tea) powder supplies the skin with antioxidants and detox agents. To top it all off, this blend is rounded with the clean, crisp and fresh notes of green tea, cucumber and peppermint oils.

PURPOSE OILS - MOONCHILD & HEALER are small batch essential oil blends, with each blend formulated for a specific purpose. Use it as a natural perfume or when it's purpose is needed. Moonchild brings the superpowers of pure essential oils (lavender, bergamot, mandarin, lemon, cedarwood, roman chamomile) alongside skin nourishing oil (coconut oil) and botanicals (lavender and chamomile flowers) to promote relaxation and sleep. Healer brings the superpowers of pure essential oils (tea tree, lavender and frankincense) alongside skin nourishing oils (Vitamin E, Rosehip and Jojoba) and botanicals (calendula and mallow petals) to promote and accelerate healing.

All our plants come giftwrapped with gift tag for FREE. 

Have your plant repotted in a light washed Italian terracotta clay pot & saucer for only $9.95. For more pots & planters click here.

Add a tasty bar of traditional stone ground chocolate from Bahen & Co (Margaret River) for $9.95 or a delicious bottle of minimal intervention Rude Boy Red from Brave New Wines (Denmark WA) for $29.95

Leave a personalised message on your gift tag and a delivery date up to 3 months in the future at check out. Never miss a birthday again!


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