Monstera deliciosa

Monstera deliciosa - Fruit Salad Plant (XXL)


Native to southern Mexico, Guatemala and Panama, Monstera Deliciosa is one of the world's most popular indoor plants, desired for its enormous perforated foliage marked with distinct holes giving it the nickname the 'Swiss Cheese Plant'. A very large plant, Monstera's are known to climb up trees in rain forests, so do well with trellis or pole to grow upwards. They also produces an edible fruit when ripe, but beware, the rest of the plant is not edible! A beautiful statement plant in the garden or indoors, this is a cherished beauty around the world.

Please note each plant is unique and different to the one pictured. Please contact us for photos of current plants available.


Medium indirect light is best for this tropical plant but it can tolerate low light and will grow faster in a brighter space. Too much sun and the leaves will yellow. Keep in fairly humid environment by misting and watering weekly, keeping top soil dry between watering. Avoid re potting if worried about rapid growth of this plant.

growth CARE LEVEL Medium
water WATER Water once top soil is dry,
keep soil well drained
sun LIGHT Filtered Light
size PLANT SIZE Grows to 10m

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