Ficus elastica 'Ruby'

Ficus 'Ruby' - Rubber Plant (M)


Ficus elastica, known as the 'Rubber Tree' is a beautiful and easy growing plant that can grow in very large trees when planted in the ground and an impressive houseplant in a pot. Rubber Trees are also known for their air purification properties, removing toxins such as formaldehyde from the air. The 'Ruby' or 'Variegated Rubber Tree' has a beautiful pink variegation and is native to India & Malaysia. Juvenile shoots present a deep ruby colour with tones of green, cream and pink developing through maturity. Ideal as an impact plant indoors.


A hardy and low maintenance plant preferring indirect light conditions and morning sun, ideally near a window. More light is better to maintain beautiful variegation. It prefers a humid environment so you can spray it regularly especially if the plant is surrounded by heated air and wipe leaves free from dust with a damp cloth. During the growing season, water moderately with lukewarm water. The Ruby prefers to have its soil slightly moist at all times but not soggy. In winter decrease water frequency to fortnightly. Fertilise twice a year with and keep away from frost. As this plant can grow very large, when it has reached your desired height, you can cut the main stem.

growth CARE LEVEL Easy
water WATER Low maintenance watering schedule
allow soil to dry between watering
sun LIGHT Indirect Light, Filtered Light
size PLANT SIZE Grows to 2m

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